Tuesday, March 03, 2009

DPI at Demo, provided by Coveroo

It's a rare day when "DPI" or "dots per inch" is mentioned in a six-minute Demo presentation, but that's what happened during Day One's presentation by Karl Jacob, CEO of San Francisco's Coveroo. And while the reference was not directly about a printer, per se, it does involve a laser etching system that's close enough to get this printer industry veteran to take notice.

The company provides custom engraving for smart phones and their ilk, or in the words of the Demo2009 guide:
Coveroo makes your personal electronics truly personal. A Coveroo replaces the original back cover on your mobile device or MP3 player with a custom version featuring a laser-engraved artwork from your favorite band, TV show, movie or artist. We have hundreds of designs – from Barbie to Bart Simpson – or you can upload your own artwork. Coveroos are made using a high quality engraving process so they don't fade or wear like skins or stickers.

That high-quality engraving system is a 1200-dpi laser system, as seen in the illustration above. The equipment suppliers to Coveroo include Epilog Laser and Universal Laser, and the appeal of the personalized gadget was evident by the crowds at Coveroo's Demo exhibit. Interesting, too, that while Coveroo stands out uniquely with its physical manifestation of personalization, many of the Demo2009 companies featured personalization in other forms, as in personalized search, personalized shopping, etc.

The Coveroo products are no secret in the enthusiast world, btw. Crackberry.com has promoted online contests for free Coveroo engraving, with thousands of online entries.

Thanks to Coveroo's Keith Jacob and Danny Flores for their assistance, and especially my own newly personalized iPhone!

And photo credit to Caroline Traylor of Porter Novelli, thanks Caroline!

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