Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HP (NYSE HPQ) Printer Metrics

HP's conference call is ongoing, not yet to the Q&A, but wanted to share the updated "Printer Metrics" table that I use to track the key numbers that the company includes as part of the quarterly announcement.

Note the declines in hardware, continuing a trend but down much more sharply than we've seen before. Also note the lack of inclusion of "standout" segments HP has highlighted irregularly -- appliance photo printers, AIO's, and most recently, wireless printers.

An amazing performance overall, to be sure. 19% revenue decline for IPG overall, a decline in supplies and all those 30-plus numbers in the hardware categories, both units and revenues, but... profit over $1.1 Billion, within shouting distance of the highest profits ever ($1.2 Billion, three separate quarters) for the business.

(note to readers: the growing spreadsheet has finally scrolled off the blog page, in both dimensions, so just use your cursor to navigate to the hidden cells.)

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