Monday, February 09, 2009

Amazon (NASDAQ AMZN) and the new Kindle 2

Amazon's (NASDAQ AMZN) new Kindle 2 has been unveiled today. Interesting that the firm chose today (Feb 9) and not a week ago, Groundhog's Day, and certainly would have prompted a few references, not so much about the mythical rodent's search for his shadow as the movie of the same name, Groundhog Day, where events repeat themselves.  The Kindle 2 is much better e-book reader than the original though, as one might expect, with smaller size, brighter display, faster performance, longer batter life, etc., just like we have come to anticipate from any good high tech redux.

And oh, is the Kindle a popular product and a fitting representative of a popular category! Per my Google News index, a search on "Kindle" currently is yielding nearly 5,000 hits this morning. Remember a month ago, when I performed the same tests a few times on "CES Printer" and came up with what I judged as a respectable range of numbers in the 500 range. 

Just for fun, combining the terms, to perhaps see if anyone out there is calling for print capabilities in the new Kindle, the phrase "Kindle Printer" yields a grand total of 5 hits, including one repeat. This is worth re-checking though, as the pundits start to analyze and write about what makes a better Kindle or competitor, e.g. the ability to print, as I suggested in late 2007 with my post, Kindle Printing.

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