Saturday, January 17, 2009

More screen, less paper

Earlier this week, The New York Times had a piece by Farhad Manjoo in their Personal Tech section "Boss, I Need a Bigger Screen. For Work Efficiency, of Course."

Christopher Null, of the Working Guy Blog at Yahoo!, picks up the story with his post "Two monitors = 44 percent increase in productivity", which is how it came to my attention. His post made it to one of those "top eight" headlines on Yahoo!'s main page -- those top eight headlines that I scan regularly, figuring I won't miss something REALLY important as long as I follow that ritual multiple times each day.

While the gist of both pieces is that worker productivity goes up with multiple monitors (seems like a no-brainer but important to document, nonetheless), another side to the story is that printing, for "scratch sheets" and the like, goes down. This has been my experience, at least, as I briefly documented in my comment to the blog post.

My comment (#28):
It's a [sic] increasingly well-known observation among dual-monitor users that printing decreases too. I know in my own experience, when preparing articles and reports, the need to print out intermediate drafts and research notes has gone down dramatically. Does anyone else experience this?

It will be interesting to see, at this blog or at Yahoo!'s, if other readers concur or disagree. BTW that's my first "[sic]" on myself, that I can remember anyway!

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