Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Live from San Diego -- HP (NYSE HPQ) Imaging and Printing event

I'm at HP's annual Imaging and Printing event for the Press/Analyst community, in San Diego. The weather's beautiful, but it's not like we'd know it, with the full schedule HP's packed in for us over these few days. And while the "live" usage in this post's title might indicate otherwise, "live blogging" this event is out of the question, at least with my limited observational and typing talents. It's a three-ring circus here, as it should be, with HP's ever-broadening coverage of the printing and imaging field.

So I will direct my readers to a collection of press releases* for now, and will highlight a few of the high points from HP (NYSE HPQ) printer chief Vyomesh Joshi (aka VJ) and his kick-off presentation yesterday.

VJ's highlights included these vital financial stats from the last year: IPG revenues of $29.4 Billion, with an overall 15.4% operating profit, and 8% revenue growth attributed to the supplies portion of the total. Not to be satisfied though, he identifies an overall $265 Billion printing opportunity for HP, comprised of the growing digital portion of the imaging and printing business, now pegged at 10% of the total 53 trillion pages to be printed in 2010. Strategically, VJ spotlights the transition in the view of the business from "Printers" to "Printing" to "Pages".

So much to discuss, so little time. Now off to more sessions!

* HP press releases from yesterday (10/7/2008):

MySpace and HP to Unlock Online Content Through the Power Of Print - BusinessWire

HP and TANDBERG Unveil New Managed Service Offering and Expanded Reseller Agreement - BusinessWire

HP Announces Host of New Imaging and Printing Products and Solutions for Enterprise Market - BusinessWire

HP Offers New Web Solutions for Creative Print Projects, Small Business Marketing; Introduces Wireless Printers - BusinessWire

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