Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is it --the last one, Lyra Power Panel

Moderated by: Ann Priede, Managing Editor, The Hard Copy Observer

Charles Brewer, Managing Editor, The Hard Copy Supplies Journal
Cortney Kasuba, Industry Analyst and Program Manager for Laser Consumables, Lyra Research
Andy Lippman, Industry Analyst and Program Manager for Ink Jet Supplies, Lyra Research

Some mixed times in the industry, as reflected by previous presentations.

A few random high points:

In color lasers, workgroup single-functions seem to be losing out to low-end color lasers and workgroup color MFPs.

Wide format opportunity for aftermarket supplies? Yes, in fact availability of third-party supplies (ink and media) is an important reason for customers to buy one printer model over another. This inhibits launch and take-off of new products that confine users to OEM-only supplies.

Will laser "flip to color" like inkjet did, and when/how/why? The business need (ongoing) for monochrome printing in the office will continue indefinitely, especially with costs associated with color supplies including both toner and paper.

Do they agree with the last panel that the current economic times may have led to reduced printing, whether consumer, small business, and/or enterprise? If so, do you see it coming back when/if economic times improve? Great question (ok it was mine) and excellent answers from Andy, Cortney, Charlie and Ann. Pressure on reduced printing in consumer markets is real, business (laser) printer volumes offset each other segment to segment and geography to geography, some verticals will come back (e.g. Real Estate) in terms of print volumes, and conversion on the commercial end of things, from analog to digital, can make up huge volumes.

And that's it -- on to the World Expo.

And see you at the next Lyra event!

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