Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ricoh gobbles up IKON

One of this blog's stated objectives, I once wrote, was to be "a clearing house of interesting print news and opinions including my own". That definition has evolved over the two-and-a-half years since, to being something more like the way Cornell Enterprise quoted me recently (see "Thanks for the plug, Cornell Enterprise"):

...a personal journal of sorts — a place to log interesting news tidbits and trends, and record a few of my thoughts about them. Then I have one place to go when I'm trying to dredge my memory. And that, in a sense, defines my readership as well — people like me who want a place to go to find news and information that is having (or has had) an impact on the business.

So one of those events happened yesterday -- the announced acquisition of IKON Office Solutions by Ricoh, to the tune of $1.6B.
(Google News index this afternoon is at 568, btw.)

While I will reserve discussion and analysis for other venues more in fitting with this area of the market, in keeping with my "product manager's notebook" idea, the news deserves a post!

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Greg_Walters said...

Here Here!

Historic day, actually.

Lots of nervous IKONers out there...