Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cortney Kasuba -- Printer & MFP Toner Cartridges: Examining Worldwide Usage Trends

Printer & MFP Toner Cartridges: Examining Worldwide Usage Trends, Cortney Kasuba, Industry Analyst & Program Manager for Laser Consumables, Lyra Research

As discussed at a high level by Charlie Brewer earlier in the day, Lyra sees the monochrome segment of the toner business as the larger of the two, with color the faster growing. A look at vendor shares both for 2007 and 2012 shows the dominance of Canon, with most of their cartridges being sold by HP.

Under the slide title of "OEMs Encourage End Users to return their used toner cartridges" Cortney reviewed a number of the cartridge-return programs by virtually all the OEMs, and the next slide she also discussed reseller return programs. Many of these are helping to promote corporate responsiblity and "Green" trends.

Cortney then reviewed numerous cartridge return and recycling survey results among end users and offices.

To wrap up, the Lyra’s Office Print Monitor (OPM), a service done in conjunction with PrintFleet, was referenced in attempting to add some light on office printing activity.

General observations and ongoing trends:
*A3 machines produce more output than A4 machines
*Color machines produce fewer pages than monochrome machines

Assessing user interventions and supplies costs:
*Printer-based MFPs tend to have fewer user interventions than copier-based devices
*But, the supplies cost more

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