Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Charlie Brewer, industry overview (part one, inkjet)

Hardware and supplies overview from Charlie, of The Hard Copy Supplies Journal. Some highlights:

(Hardware Overview)
Noting some higher printer prices around the business but a great quote from Charlie's first slide: "despite claims to the contrary, OEMs are committed to ultra low-end machines".

Other hardware trends -- AIO/MFP popularity grows but single funciton not going away, nor is the "appliance" photo printer, despite declines. Inkjet is growing in the office.

The last year has seen results of investments in print head technology by all the major vendors.

Reviewing last year -- "Kodak plans to make money on the razor" -- down to 10 cents a shapshot, but relatively high (noting special) for conventional page printing at 3 cents, and Silverbrook / Memjet -- "Delayed product introductions"

This year so far...Kodaks ESP line, Canon PIXMA MX7600 with PGR technology, HP new integrated cartridges, Brother ledger-sized office ink jet

(Supplies Overview)
More printer products with permanent print heads with ink tanks driving down the cost of consumables
Integrated cartridges deployed for low-use environments
Ink technologies provide enhanced performance, with more resilient dye-based inks and improved pigment-based inks
Forecast through 2012: Shipments are still growing on a units basis, but revenues are very flat
For Third-Party Suppliers, things are tough:
OEMs competing on price
Competition between third-party suppliers is fierce
Printer mfrs developing more complex technologies
OEMs successfully defend their intellectual property
Mfrs and distributors [resellers] are dropping products
OEMs -- Continue to focus on Consumables Marketing Tactics
Lyra forecasting that remanufacturers losing a bit of market share in both units amd dollars, from 2007 to 2012

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