Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More blogs posts I recommend

We've got a real series going here (don't think summer re-runs, please!), and today I'm sending you to a couple of posts that are, IMHO, extremely interesting and/or relevant, including one that I've authored.

First, I've penned a guest blog post that appears over at Printer Industry News, one of the Photizo Group's web properties. In my post on HP's new printing organization, I expand on what began as a simple conversation (one of many I've had in the last three weeks). I would love to have my readers comment, too. Any change is a potential risk, so what do you think? You're invited to comment here, there, or both places.

And another post, this one coming as a nice surprise, is over at Fabbaloo, a blog covering "Fabbing, 3D Printing, and Desktop Manufacturing." (see "Lyons Recognizes 3D Printing".) The Fabbaloo folks picked up on the reference to 3-Dimensional Printing in my June 2008 Observations, "New Horizons in Printing". Check them out, including today's post, featuring the current PRINT Magazine cover illustration (see left), Type and Form.

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