Tuesday, July 01, 2008

From around the printing blogosphere

Welcome to the second half of 2008, and shall we hope for cheaper oil and more expensive stocks as we look ahead to the remainder of the year!

During this Fourth-of-July week, not much printer and printing news seems destined to come our way, but a quick look around the world of printer- and printing-oriented blogs finds some items of definite interest.

My colleague Ed Crowley at the Imaging Industry News blog posts an update and opinion about Pitney Bowes (NYSE PBI) and their decision to retain ownership of their Managed Print Services division. (see "Pitney Bowes stays the course".) Crowley points out that this divison, along with Ikon's (NYSE IKN), are the only two major providers of Managed Print Services "provide national (within the US) solutions for Managed Print Services (MPS), and who are also hardware vendor agnostic."

The recently re-energized Databazaar Blog has had a flurry of interesting posts of late. Today's post by Kara Soos, titled "Braille Embossers Enable the Blind to Print From a PC", continues Databazaar's series on "out-there" printers and technologies. In this case the world of braille embossers (so technically not really printers) is explored. Great work!

And my friends at the HP (NYSE HPQ) LaserJet blog have a new post about the CloudPrint print-from-your-mobile-phone service, announced last summer from HP Labs, that I've blogged about here in the past. (see most recently, "Observations: iPhone Printing, Revisited".)

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Jim Lyons said...

July 8 2008 -- Showing a nimbleness not necessary associated with corporate blogging, my friend Vince Ferraro at HP's LaserJet blog has cleaned up the typo in his latest post's headline, so I've removed the following reference from the main blog post (above). "BTW, in apparently proving that corporate bloggers are human and prone to sometimes embarrassing minor mistakes just as much as the rest of us, the post's headline leads with "HP's CloudPrint Dervice (sic) ..." which also like the restaurant review in the newspaper that contains the rating "Pood", leaves one wondering, is it a "Device" or a "Service"?"