Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fear and Loathing on the Managed Print Services trail

Along with hot weather and barbecues, it seems to be the season for referencing other blogs and bloggers. Greg Walters is doing a great job over at the "Death of the Copier". He's very prolific, that goal all we bloggers share, and I have to mention specifically his recent post that combined his unique humor with real-life experiences. It provided me with a great education, from the trenches so to speak, along with a fun read that had me briefly hearkening back to Hunter Thompson and maybe even a little Joni Mitchell Coyote, i.e. "...a prisoner of the white lines of the freeway". The post is entitled "A Week In The Life of Managed Print Services". Highly recommended!

PS -- Am adding "DOTC" to my blogroll, right. (Correction, I'd already added it but it was obscurely sorted into the "T" secion. Now under "D" where it belongs.)

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