Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Entrepreneurs and public relations

OK, readers, here's another one that's not a specific printer-related post but still very interesting (I allow myself about one a month).

In the interest of the positioning of Jim Lyons Observations (this blog) as the "printer product manager's personal notebook", I occasionally note the more general goings-on that catch my attention and that I (or my readers, who if they're reading on a regular basis, share my interests) may want to reference in the future. And any good printer product manager is at least a major part both entrepreneur and public relations practitioner, so here goes.

Guy Kawasaki's post, "The Wall Street Journal Lesson", caught my eye. Guy references a Wall Street Journal post by Wendy Bounds on "top entrepreneurial blogs", that he then followed up on, leading to a second WSJ post, "Anti-Social Aggregator? ‘AllTop’ Lists Any Story, Not Just Popular Ones".

All worthwhile reading, and also worthy of a page for posterity in the "printer product manager's personal notebook".

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