Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HP (NYSE HPQ) re-organizing printing group

Boise's and TV station KIVI seem to have the scoop on a new "streamlined" printing organization being put in place by market leader HP (NYSE HPQ). No press release is available at the site as of early this evening, Boise time, but the Statesman's Joe Estrella and David Staats, in a short piece entitled "HP streamlines printing group, but is mum on Boise impact" includes comments from HP spokesperson Ryan Donovan, addressed questions from the Boise-area station's news gatherers. Stay tuned!

9pm MDT update -- The Statesman link above is still live, but the piece has been expanded to include other Boise-area employers and has been retitled "HP shrinks printing, imaging group, but stays mum on Boise jobs impact". Other pieces have made it online, too. See "H.P. to Reorganize Its Printing Division" from The New York Times and "HP to reorganize printing unit" from The San Jose Mercury-News. Also I've edited out the "?" from the earlier post headline.

730 am MDT (market open) June 19 update -- The Wall Street Journal has a short piece, H-P to Reorganize Printer Unit, citing The Idaho Statesman and The Associated Press. Still no company news release.

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