Friday, June 13, 2008

Business Week features HP's (NYSE HPQ) Vyomesh Joshi

Business Week's Aaron Ricadela has a new piece entitled "HP's (NYSE HPQ) Printing Chief Is on a Mission" in the online version of the magazine. The article includes an up-close conversation with Vyomesh Joshi (aka "VJ") and the multi-pronged efforts that HP is taking on to keep growth going in the traditionally critical Printing and Imaging business. Among analysts quoted on the HP business situation are Jayson Noland, Analyst at Robert W. Baird; Shaw Wu, Senior Analyst at American Technology Research; Jonathan Eunice, Founder and Principal IT adviser at industry consultant Illuminata; Roger Kay, Founder and President of industry consultant Endpoint Technologies Associates; and Stephen Baker, Vice President at NPD Group. Slowing growth is being addressed by attempts encouraging more printing from the Web, moving upstream into more Graphics Arts applications areas, and moving into services, none of which come as surprises to readers of this blog.

Nonetheless, BW and Ricadela present an interesting summary of the business situation. I recommend it as well worth reading, including some unique commentary on personality types and the differences between VJ and HP CEO Mark Hurd, and the inclusion, as a contrast, of Executive Vice-President and Chief Strategy and Technology Officer Shane Robison, who "'...has the ear of the king,' Kay says...".

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