Wednesday, April 02, 2008

So it's NOT an April Fool's joke!

Scribd, the self-styled "YouTube for documents" company I've followed here somewhat regularly, had a release yesterday that a devoted reader shot my way, and that I laughed off as an April Fool's joke. In fact it wasn't that much of a laugh because in my hectic scan, it seemed a little too much like last year's Gmail Paper joke.

Josh Lowensohn at has a piece worth reading that indicates he shared my error, that it WAS NOT an April Fool's joke, so at least I wasn't the only one. (Thanks Josh.) Scribd's blog has a post by Jason Bentley stating the case that the announcement was real but it just happened to be announced on April 1st, so I guess I could have checked there too. I am developing a full piece on Scribd's file format (iPaper) as well as the company's growth, so I will leave further analysis of "Convert Your Paper to iPaper" for that.

And oh yeah, that Google Docs Airplane thing? Yep, April Fool's...

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