Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pandigital announces new PanTouch frames

Pandigital today announced a new line of photo frames featuring finger-touch controls on the FRONT of the photo frame.

Crave's post, titled with the rhetorical "The iPhone of digital photo frames?", caught my attention earlier today, and looking at the potential of this usability enhancement has me intrigued. My personal photo frame (actually the one I "gifted" to a close family member this past holiday season) is generally satisfactory (scrolling images look great and definitely brighten the home atmosphere), but the control buttons, which are nearly hidden altogether on the back of the frame, along with a cryptic menu system, make "control" of the frame more of a euphemism than a reality.

I've covered photo frames in the past (see "Digital Photo Frames -- Printer friend or foe?") and I believe there's an interesting story playing out here relative to the printer industry, so stay tuned. Usability ALWAYS matters in the end...

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