Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kindred spirits

Two Kindle-oriented blogs have responded to the "lost Kindle" woes expressed in my recent "What's sadder than a lost Amazon (NASDAQ AMZN) Kindle?" post.

Kindleville's Joe Wickert sympathizes in "The lost Kindle saga" and suggests that Amazon might be able to help find it. In my comment over there, I noted that I'd been working the same angle, to no avail, so far anyway. The unit has been deactivated by Amazon, so at least I know I won't be getting charged for e-books that the new "owner" might want to order. But the tracking side of it hasn't panned out. (Which ties into one concern I've had all along, that the unit got inadvertently tossed by the plane cleaners.)

And e-BOOKVINE has simply linked over to my post, but their site is worth checking out for the poll they have running. They're asking their readers about Kindle and printing, no less! (See "Kindle Printing" and other more recent posts on this topic.)

BTW, so far the E-BOOKVINE poll is showing 65% regard printing capability from the Kindle as either very important or at least nice to have.

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