Tuesday, April 08, 2008

HP (NYSE HPQ) rolls out Enterprise Printing products, services

Affirming their laser-like focus (pardon the pun) on the Enterprise Space commented on here in the recent past (for a recent example see "More from HP on Q1 printer business"), HP (NYSE HPQ) today announced a group of new printers, an enterprise-level scanner (the Scanjet N9120, see above), and a variety of new services.

The products and services are aimed at the evolving needs of enterprises (or, as the press release spells out, "large businesses"), and while it's good to see at the core a group of printers and scanners -- always comforting as an anchor to the story for those in the press and analyst community -- in addition to the services, especially as related to security and "assessments", which are featured front and center as well.

Also integrated are updates on HP's Green Printing message (this time it's a new energy-saving toner formulation, after yesterday's environment announcement regarding cooperative efforts with the State of California); the Enterprise portion in the $300-million marketing campaign around "Print 2.0" (see "HP's $300 Million Campaign") which will feature "What do you have to say?" as the tag line; and the closing of the Exstream software deal (see "Exstream Printing").

Kudos to HP for not only pursuing the Enterprise Printing space with persistence and vigor, but also to their communications arm for pulling together the potentially disparate pieces into a cohesive milestone -- and especially for throwing in some hardware for some of us traditionalists!


Alison Graves said...

You're right -- it's hard to get all that information into one release, and we are continuing to pursue this space with vigor! If you're interested in more info on the devices, we've got a podcast with Nor Rae Spohn, SVP of HP's LaserJet business. Here's the link: http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press_kits/2008/acceleratingenterprise/podcasts.html
Another fun thing to check out is Mike Feldman's live blogging. He's posting (with pictures) from Budapest -- the hub of our announcement. You've really gotten us going on this live blogging - Jim! One final thought... the glue that has really helped us keep all of our announcements focused, including this one -- with so many pieces and parts to balance, is a credit to Bruce Dahlgren, the SVP of HP's imaging and printing enterprise business. He continues to drive the whole business, (and hence communications) to focus on working with customers to optimize their imaging and printing infrastructure, manage the environment and improve workflows.

Jim Lyons said...

Thanks for the comment, Alison. And I will add a new post to pick up those live links to Mike in Budapest. Great to see his customer profiles, and I appreciate the link too!