Tuesday, April 29, 2008

eWeek.com features HP's (NYSE HPQ) 'Web Print Guru'

Andrea Orr of eWeek.com has posted an interview with "HP's Web Print Guru", Senior VP David Murphy, head of the HP (NYSE HPQ) Imaging and Printing Group's Web Services and Software group. The piece contains some interesting thoughts on HP's strategy around what it's been calling "Print 2.0", notably around past and potential future "growth" acquisitions, including January's Exstream deal.

Also interesting to note that while Murphy covers consumer as well as enterprise opportunities, most of the discussion seems to come back to either photo retailers and their efforts, including new photo printing technology for traditional prints, as well as in-store photo books and other novelty items, which may also available for home printing, as exemplified by their Disney/Hannah Montana concert photobook offering. (Interesting that this reminds us that PR value may be a fleeting thing...)

Blog printing is not mentioned. And while some effort continues at HP on this front, the blog printing experiment at TechCrunch that I blogged about last summer (see "TechCrunch getting hard copy") seems to be over.

PS -- Andrea Orr also had an interesting update on HP's Exstream acquisition earlier this month that I'd flagged and had been waiting to work into a post. See "HP Exstream Takes Printing Business in New Direction."

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