Thursday, April 24, 2008 offers reader summaries

Brijit, a magazine, newspaper, and digital content-abstracting web site that I've been following for about a month now, has been providing me with a great deal of enjoyment and education, and I wanted to pass it along, filed under the "general interest" category.

If you've read April 2008's Wired magazine, in print or online, you might have seen a multi-part section that falls under the umbrella title "The Upside of the Downturn: Wired Business Trends 2008", and includes a discussion of Brijit under "The Human Touch -- Algorithms Are Terrific, But to Search Smarter, Find a Person", a discussion of businesses tapping into the human element in conjunction with the power of PCs and the Internet. (Another business included in the Wired piece is ChaCha, featured in Walt Mossberg's Personal Technology column, as well as on CNBC, today.)

Of course, you can read the Brijit abstract on the Wired piece too -- 100 words*!

A smattering of recent abstracts of potential interest for readers of this column include:

Dugg Up: Ten Typographic Mistakes Everyone Makes

You Can Enjoy a Book on a Mere Cellphone; (Hit Spacebar Now)

Just Go to Helvetica

*in the full disclosure department, I am a contributor to Brijit and the Wired abstract linked to above is one of my winning submissions.

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Thanks for the kind words, and for being part of our community of smart writers.

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