Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Microsoft Vista SP1 Printing

Today's the day that the Microsoft (NYSE MSFT) Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) becomes publicly available via a free download. So I grabbed it and upgraded my everyday laptop, the only one of my machines that's currently running Vista. Things seem fine, and, good news, the printing seems to work fine, at least as far as my testing went during an otherwise busy day -- meaning I was able to get a few pages out of my trusty HP (NYSE HPQ) LaserJet 1320 over my home-office LAN, as expected. Of course Service Packs typically don't promise much in the way of spectacular feature or performance improvements (just look at the name!), but in the case of Vista SP1, there is actually a printing-related enhancement, per Computerworld.

Terminal Services printing is improved, specifically when using a printer that's local to a machine from within a Terminal Services session.
Now if only I knew what that means!

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