Thursday, March 27, 2008

Greening up for Spring

It's probably not just "the season" as the saying goes, but a few "green" oriented pieces caught my eye this week and I believe they are worth noting.

First, HP's (NYSE HPQ) Enterprise Printing blog, having been fairly dormant over the winter, has "greened up" this week with two posts, first by Allison Graves and then by Mike Feldman. Allison's includes some of her "Thoughts on Greenwashing", covering potential backlash and miscommunication as an inevitable part of the Green effort, with her pledge to expand further on HP's real (and not greenwashed) environmental efforts, many that go quite a distance back into the company's long history. She's hit a chord too, it would appear, with numerous comments on her post already. Mike's "Eco:nomics - HP's Tips to Help the Environment and Your Bottom Line" includes a review of the sales "food chain", with HP's enterprise customers requesting and even demanding that all their suppliers (including HP) meet (already high and growing) standards in the various areas of environmental sustainability, with further comments how HP is responding.

And a piece in the April 2008 Wired caught my attention. Included as one of nine "biz tech" that are billed as defying economic maladies of the day, the "Green" aspect of industry is featured in the piece "Saving the Earth? Good for You — Just Be Sure to Watch the Bottom Line". And while the printing and imaging industry is not mentioned, per se, it adds to the dialog, discussing the tensions, at least in some cases, between "the two kinds of green". (The entire section, "The Upside of the Downturn: Wired 2008 Business Trends" that includes all nine trends, actually makes for very interesting reading.)

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