Monday, March 03, 2008's new look is up today with a redesigned web site that features, in the words of their press release, "print and Web designers, photographers, and other creative professionals easy and free access to each other and to valuable how-tos, reviews, news, products, and services that help these pros reach their business and career goals."

In addition to today's news, I find some tidbits to be quite interesting, regarding CreativePro and their history. The site has been a resource for design professionals since 1999, and at one point was owned by ImageX, a Seattle-based firm that was one of several of the original Internet-based printing companies (Noosh is another that comes to mind). While ImageX is now no more than an historical footnote, CreativePro survives and thrives, as a subsidiary of, the Livingston, MT-based company I've blogged about here in the past, beginning with my May 2007 Observations print column, "The Year of Small Business".

Which brings us to the interest here. As SMB print jobs are shifting both back into the office and to easy-to-use remote shops like PrintingForLess, the areas of graphics arts and design may become at least a part of the job for more and more office workers and entrepreneurs.

Thanks for's editor-in-chief Terri Stone for clarifying both the site's interesting history and its current mission as the site "where creatives go to know". Worth a look!

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