Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's new with printer and printing blogs?

I have three adds/deletes that are worth mentioning in the ever-dynamic ebb and flow of the printer and printing industry segment of the blogosphere (ok, I'm being a little sarcastic here).

First, the Planet Print Mode site and its companion blog, have been suspended in favor of a new enterprise by their creator, Adam Dewitz. Having completed graduate work at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Adam has started his own company, Adaptive Publishing, in addition to serving as WhatTheyThink.com's chief blogger, serving as Managing Editor
of the Print CEO Blog.

Second, a comment on a recent post of mine ("Book scanners as a consumer Item?") by a reader and fellow blogger Samuel Driessen linked me over to his mid-February post about "Paperless Home" over at Infoarch. Samuel is with Oce' in The Netherlands and writes prolifically on information architecture "stuff" on his blog.

And last but not least, a newer blog has surfaced called, of all things, The Death of the Copier. Creator Greg Walters is just three posts in, but so far has coverage that includes interesting content and opinion on HP (NYSE HPQ) Edgeline technology, Managed Print Services, and paperless and green issues. I like the attitude, and thanks for the link! Keep it up, Greg!

And now time to update the old blogroll!

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