Thursday, February 21, 2008

Personal monochrome laser printers

M. David Stone has another great round-up, this time on choices in personal monochrome laser printers, appearing the latest PC Magazine entitled "A Laser Printer of your Own". He touches on two HP (NYSE HPQ) offerings, including the HP LaserJet P1505 and HP LaserJet P1006, as well as the stylish Samsung ML-1630, and the low-cost-per-page Oki Printing Solutions B4400. David does his usual succinct yet thorough job at explaining just why users might consider a laser rather than an inkjet printer, based on quality and speed differences that generally still remain in this part of the market.

The products, based on recent prices, are in a fairly tight range at from $180 to $230, with speed and style the main variables. But things can happen fast in this part of the market...the HP LaserJet P1006 is now being offered by at $99.99, and at, also at a $99.99 "list", is also offering a $50 off coupon, good through 2/25, netting out the 17ppm price at a stunning $49.99! (Thanks!)

And I must add...that "17ppm" brings back some memories. HP's first LaserJet to feature that spec was the HP LaserJet IIISi -- introduced in 1991 at a price of $5,495!

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