Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cost per Page -- Low-end color lasers approaching 10 cents

I've focused a little attention recently on some price drops in the printer area, specifically low-end color laser printers, like the HP (NYSE HPQ) Color LaserJet 2605DN pictured above. Interesting note for those considering taking advantage of one of these great deals, particularly the one sub-$250 price currently being touted for the 2605DN by many vendors including HP themselves. Given its 2,500-page-capacity black toner cartridge, and its three 2,000-page-capacity CMY cartridges, a user can print pages at just over 10 cents a page (at the 5% coverage index HP specs), not including the paper. Of course, when it's time to replace the supplies (at just under $325 per HP's current prices), that Cost per Page (CPP) jumps to more like 15 cents!

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