Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The bloggers are back!

A few weeks back, I'd been tempted to do a post about "where have all the bloggers gone?", so it's very nice to see some of my fellow print-industry blogs out with new or recent posts. I've already mentioned the LaserJet Blog's commentary on the Lyra Imaging Symposium last Friday, so it's great to see other HP (NYSE HPQ) blogs and bloggers coming out of their winter dormancy of a month or more. The Small Business Printing blog and Enterprise Printing blog each have recent posts, the the HP "Print 2.0" blog has a post by Patrick Scaglia that's close to my heart. He comments on four big tech developments during 2007, and two of the four, iPhone and Kindle, have been frequent topics here at Jim Lyons Observations (for example, see "Amazon's Kindle Stirs Up Printing and Imaging" and "Looking Back on 2008 -- iPhone Printing"), and I've also touched on HP's "printer/frame" combination, the A826, in my September 2007 post entitled "Digital Photo Frames, Printer Friend or Foe?". Patrick's fourth development, the One Child Per Laptop XO-1 computer, has also been on my radar for some time, though not yet making it to this blog.

So HP Bloggers...thanks for coming back! And some of you other (nameless) folks over there on the right in my blogroll, take a hint!

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