Tuesday, January 22, 2008

InfoPrint announces production printing customer win

Last year, almost to the day, I covered the official formation of the printing industry joint venture (by IBM and Ricoh) of InfoPrint (see "Welcome, InfoPrint Solutions"), and today they are announcing a customer relationship with Personix as the "First U.S. Service Bureau to Select InfoPrint 5000 Production Color System for Statement Printing". That's straight from the headline of the release! Kudos for the great example of how to be direct and explicit, InfoPrint!

I had a chance to talk to InfoPrint VP George Promis about the transpromotional solutions they and their competitors are marketing, and I really like what he had to say about the InfoPrint approach, due to its end-user focus and my own bias towards understanding and meeting customer needs. While it's easy to think of transpromotional printing as placement of personalized advertising on customer billing statements, Promis has a more appealing definition, that of "including any and all information relevant to the recipient [i.e. customer]". That may or may not include appropriate personalized advertising, but can also include a wide variety of information that's been intelligently selected and printed due to its relevance to the individual receiving the statement. Great customer focused thinking!

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Anonymous said...

Now that InfoPrint is released from the shackles of IBM I expect more great things to come from them.