Friday, January 18, 2008

HP sponsors Sundance Film Festival, again

It must be mid-January because the Sundance Film Festival has opened, and HP (NYSE HPQ) is back as a major sponsor. Angela LoSasso has an pre-opening blog post worth checking out, with an interesting tie-in to the expanding Small Business/In-house Marketing programs the company has been touting over the last few years. Among the numerous services and products highlighted, I found the link to the HP Retail Photo Services page quite interesting. Clearly a new service (with NO Idaho destinations, alas, and only three in neighboring Oregon), it will be interesting to see how HP blends this "order online/then pick up" service, based on HP hardware and supplies and supporting what looks to be Longs Drugs and some independent retailers, and its Snapfish services that send photo print jobs to (originally) Walgreens and now including Staples and other (and also Longs), some of whom feature "politically incorrect" printers and supplies.

And with the January 2008 stock market debacle ongoing, when has there been a better time to sit in the dark and escape with a few films? I'll be at the Festival again this year, as I've been regularly attending for over ten years now, but strictly in an avocational capacity, as an independent film fan. HP's entry into the ranks of major Sundance sponsor was welcomed by me, at least, when it came about five years ago, and remains in my mind one of the positive legacies of the Carly Fiorina years.

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