Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Commercial and Production Printing -- Drupa, TransPromo, and the new Xerox look

Live from the 2008 Lyra Imaging Symposium in Rancho Mirage CA

Day Two's opening session covered commercial and production printing and included the following presos: “Re-Defining the Production Printing Solutions Value Proposition—Versatility, Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness” by Tom Wetjen, Vice President, Worldwide Graphic Communications Industry, Xerox Corporation; “Customizing the Customer Relationship: Online On-Demand Digital Printing Innovations”, presented by Scott Baker, Vice President Worldwide Business Development, GMC Software AG; “High-Speed, High-Volume: The Fast and the Furious in Production Printing” by Steve Reynolds, Senior Analyst, Lyra Research; and “The Future of Wide Format and Super Wide”, from Tom Baratz, Industry Consultant, Lyra Research.

Take-aways? Along with leap year, the Summer Olympics, and the US Presidential election, this is a Drupa year, and the massive trade show in Dusseldorf Germany drives this segment of the business like nothing else. Well, except for maybe new trends (and/or buzz-words), like this year's favorite, TransPromotional. And that new Xerox (NYSE XRX) logo? I'm starting to get used to it!

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