Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Lexmark on "Green Printing" for Small Business

In an interesting press release picked up by CNN.com, Lexmark (NYSE LXK) is advising Small Businesses on how to be friendly to the environment when it comes to printing. Combining two of 2007's most-discussed printer industry topics, Small Business printing and "Green" initiatives, Lexmark summarizes the usual supplies recycling tips (which, when presented by the cartridge manufacturers, the options always seem to ignore returning those empties anywhere but to themselves -- wink, wink).

But the company also includes the idea of actually printing less (or at least only printing what's needed). Their advice to use "duplex" is nothing out of the ordinary, but going the "print preview" route to avoid printing unwanted pages mirrors the somewhat more automated Xerox (NYSE XRX)/GreenPrint combination I blogged about last month (see "GreenPrint, Xerox Solid Ink printers get together").

Maybe we in the printer business will eventually clear ourselves of the accusation that those unwanted pages are a supplies-industry conspiracy!

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