Wednesday, December 05, 2007

In the book scanning business, is this considered a typo?

In these days of Google's (NASDAQ GOOG) sky-high stock price (back within a whisker of $700 today) and ubiquitous presence in the high tech world, it's sometimes easy to fall into ascribing omniscient powers to the company. But they, like all others, are not beyond the occasional mis-step, however minor. Their Google Books (nee Google Print) program, has been quite controversial in the book publishing world, and has been something I've been following for some time, thinking it's a story worthy of a printer-industry-oriented "observations" one of these days. Well, this is not that day, but the little snippet found at this morning is worth noting, again, if only to remind us all of the old saying, "we all make mistakes". The whole link, to the photo and entire book entry, can be found at "Google must have been in a rush to digitise this book".

(Interesting footnote -- the Wikipedia entry for Google Books contains a very similar, but different, page sample from 2006.)

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Jim Lyons said...

Here's the direct link to the "Hand Book" sample from Wikipedia.

TechCrunch has mention of this now too.