Wednesday, December 12, 2007

HP Printers -- numbers and trends tell the strategy story

HP (NYSE HPQ) held their Securities Analyst meeting yesterday and the content of just one of the slides from the printing and imaging portion of the show is worth highlighting here.

The four market areas include Consumer, Small and Medium Business, Enterprise, and Graphics Arts.

Two fascinating conclusions I take from looking at just this one set of numbers and market trends?
1) Consumer is the smallest market (not that $24 Billion should really be considered small) with also the smallest growth rate.

2) All the "dynamics" are consistent with a similar chart that could have been used five, or even ten years ago in some cases -- emerging markets, analog to digital transformation in graphics arts, copier and printer convergence in the office, digital photos and web content in the home? Are these all long-established trends that may be finally transitioning from talk to action?

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