Monday, December 10, 2007

HP continues growth-through-acquisition strategy with NUR Macro

This morning HP (NYSE HPQ) announced another acquisition in the industrial wide-format space, this time Israel-based NUR Macroprinters. This is HP's second deal in three months in the space (see "HP Acquires Macdermid ColorSpan"). NUR, by the way, is not an acronym, but rather comes from the name of company founder Moshe Nur.

Today's HP "Newsroom" landing page features the NUR acquisition headline and link along with a product shot. And while the MFP pictured is "big iron" for much of the desktop-printer-oriented community, me included, it doesn't hold a candle in size and scale to the NUR printers, an example being the photo at the top of this post, the Expedio.

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Jim Lyons said...

The Wall Street Journal carries a story on HP's strategy in the graphics arts market, dated Dec 11th.


And good luck on the paywall!