Thursday, November 01, 2007

More on those trillions of pages

The Xerox blog "The Future of Documents" by Francois Ragnet has a recent post worth reviewing, attempting to reconcile HP's (NYSE HPQ) "total market size" number of 48 trillion printed pages today, growing to 53 trillion in 2010. He brings in a Lyra Research market assessment, that puts the 2006 worldwide paper market at 15.2 trillion pages, and goes on to delineate what they include in their estimate. It seems interesting that one number is three times the size of the other, especially when I look at the Lyra definitions and try to think of what they DON'T include in their count (that would account for two-thirds of the HP-supplied number).

I'll invite readers with paper industry expertise to weigh in.

And as far as "How Big is Big"? I think I agree with Francois that yes, all these numbers truly are big!

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