Friday, October 19, 2007

Still no LXK acquisition

Today's acquisition-related non-news, this from the Xerox (NYSE XRX) earnings announcement, was CEO Anne Mulcahy's negative assessment of the likelihood of their acquisition of Lexmark (NYSE LXK). (See "Xerox CEO says acquisition of Lexmark unlikely".)

Regular industry followers need no reminding the the Lexmark acquisition rumor has been circulating regularly, albeit with a revolving list of speculated suitors. (See "No Lexmark Deal...Yet" for a recent example.)

A look at today's market activity would lead one to conclude there's still some wind in the sails of the story though -- on this ugly day for the stock markets, with most indexes off 2% to 3% (on the 20th anniversary of Wall Street's Black Monday, no less), LXK went the other direction, with a gain of $0.33 to $42.35.

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