Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Not quite a printer acquisition

Today's stock market was boosted by tech stock gains, and one substantial acquisition. It was not the printer-industry-direct-hit that might have been anticipated after last week's reports about Lexmark/Dell and HP/Kodak rumors, but there is at least a footnote's worth of relevance to this one. Beaverton OR-based Tektronix is being purchased by Danaher for $2.8 Billion.

Tektronix is a test and measurement company that ventured into printers not so long ago, and did quite well with a line of solid inkjet products. The division was sold to Xerox for a little less than $1 Billion in 2000. The further development of those products under Xerox management has led to many new printer and all-in-one products over the years and the company's recent "color at black-and-white prices" marketing push.

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