Friday, October 26, 2007

More 'How Big is Big?'

I encountered an interesting blog post over at Applied Disruption that expands on similar themes I was getting at in my October "Observations" print column. (see the October 2007 edition of The Hard Copy Observer or my blog posting of the column.)

In "HP steals from government playbook..or..How to get impressive sounding market size" blogger Jeffrey Stewart makes points about the "game" of estimating a new company's market size in the most positive light, sometimes to extremes. He's used HP's recent "53 trillion pages" stat as an example. I know Jeff from his days at, but even if I didn't I'd recommend his blog. Worthwhile reading.

In a related tangent, I was interested to read Chris Shipley's Demo Letter this week, "DEMO is about product innovation, not just about start-ups", which furthers the point that the title does nicely, or in my words, don't assume it takes a start-up to innovate!

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