Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Autumn "Clip Show"

At the risk of getting away from my normal Printing-and-Imaging-News-and-Analysis beat I'll combine these three recent tidbits that have come my way. (See my July 2007 "Summer Clip Show" for the title reference.)

First, my friends over at the Databazaar blog tracked down an interesting photo frame/printer concept. See "Off-The-Wall Printers". Interesting post with some great links!

Second, another group of friends behind one of the growing list of HP (NYSE: HPQ) Printing Blogs (this one humbly titled HP Experts Talk about All Things Inkjet) feature a recent post highlighting a commissioned research study that concludes "HP Photosmart Photo Printers are the easiest and fastest...". Like I've previously commented about vendor-commissioned research (e.g. "Research on Economics of Small Business Printing"), the final results aren't the story -- but looking at how (and why) the research was commissioned, where it's executed, what competitors are compared, etc., leads to some potentially interesting insights.

And lastly, and least directly relevant, is the post from people I don't know and have never met, over at ZDNet's blog, The Apple Core. The post from earlier in the week covers the XO computer, one of my personal interests but least relevant from this blog's perspective, but I like the approach -- looking at a new development and adding historical perspective, in this case the "$100 laptop" and Apple's long-ago effort with the eMate. Here's the link and accompanying quote using the Apple Core's "blog this" feature.

The low-cost laptop that Apple should have built (and sort-of once did) by ZDNet's David Morgenstern -- The buzz around the XO Laptop, aka the One Laptop Per Child group’s “$100 laptop” is growing, with an innovative donation program coming in time for the holidays. But this colorful, rugged computer could have come from Apple, and in another time, it did. The One Laptop Per Child organization recently announced a [...]

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