Monday, September 10, 2007

SharedBook announces Sports Alliances

The team at SharedBook continues to be busy, with two new sports-company alliances with JumpTV and to talk about today, to go along with their existing relationship with Sportography. Worth a look. I'm particularly intrigued by the potential of matching the capabilities of Blog2Print with youth/participation sports where the interest in recording personal achievements has exploded with the popularity of digital photography.

Speaking of SharedBook, a faithful reader or two may have recognized the photo above, as it appeared on the DataBazaar blog. My friends there highlighted the experiences of yours truly and the creation of my first Blog2Print in "How Can I Turn My Blog Into A Professionally-Published Book?". Next on the agenda for me is a blog that contains only my print-column Observations. This sub-set of my main blog will then be available for printing via Blog2Print as well.

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