Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lexmark Tear Down

After a long Labor Day weekend involving cross-country air travel and some varied and mostly pleasant experiences, it was intriguing to come back to an email inbox that contained a fairly typical TechRepublic update with this most unusual (for them) subject line and link: "Cracking open a Lexmark printer". The TechRepublic division of Cnet excels in techy reviews and analyses across a broad cross-section of IT-related subjects, but printers (and all-in-ones, which is the category where the Lexmark 2500 offically belongs) don't often make it. It's a great photo spread of the individual sub-assemblies found in a modern inkjet AIO, very well done TechRepublic! So take a look if you dare (or care) -- I'm most impressed it's in there at all! (Credit for photo goes to Eric Eckel at TechRepublic.)

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