Friday, September 28, 2007

DemoFall 2007 in the books

I didn't intend a pun with my subject line, but I guess it is, though not exactly correct. The DemoFall conference ran the first part of this week, and it was another winner. Though not yielding any direct printer industry hits like Demos of the recent past, like Blurb, Zink, and SharedBook, the conference unfailingly offers a big picture view of trends across high tech. (The pun comes from the fact two of those three are book-related.)

One interesting aspect of the DemoFall agenda this year that relates to our industry, however, in this "Year of Small Business" for the printer industry, were the large number of creative small-business related companies on the stage. See all the conference demos here.

For a good recap of this year's DemoFall, see Kara Swisher's report.

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