Thursday, September 06, 2007

Congrats to Kodak's '1000 Words' Blog

While we're on the subject of corporate blogs and communications, it's worth noting that Eastman Kodak Company's 1000 Words blog is one year old today. Tom Hoehn has posted a great retrospective on the blog's first year.

And of all the flattering comments coming their way, for my money the ultimate flattery is imitation, which comes from within the EK R&D organization and the "A Thousand Nerds" blog.

Tom, showing no animosity at the techy crowd, sends along these recommended links which I also endorse as interesting reading.

Susan Tousi - R&D for our new inkjet line

Cathie Burke - Printhead Details

Also our CEO, Antonio Perez:

Back to the "1000 Words" tribute, I am inspired to think I should be doing something similar as I reach my 1.5 year mark later this month. BTW I passed 300 posts at the end of August.

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