Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New HP Printing Blogs

HP (NYSE HPQ) has officially launched two new print-related blogs.

As part of today's Web 2.0 announcement, HP has kicked off one entitled "IPG Print 2.0 Blog". Interesting that it doesn't include the "print posts" feature introduced by HP in May? A welcome to the blogosphere is in order, but I'd suggest adding the print feature (as in "eating your own dogfood") and dropping the HP-insider-only acronym "IPG" from the title!

I've used this blog and my print column a number of times to highlight the printer industry's fascination with small business (e.g. "Observations: The Year of Small Business" in May). Along those lines, HP has also launched HP’s Small & Medium Business Community Blog which promises to cover real user stories in this much talked-about space. Another hearty welcome to the blogosphere! I particularly like the recent feature showing "LaserJets around the world" which I think captures the interesting-but-still-fun aspect of blogging.

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