Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lyra Industry Experts speak

Live Blogging "Supplies-Side Economics" conference -- Mid-day, a combination of Lyra Research printing and supplies experts took their turns reviewing the markets for ink and toner. Included on the agenda were the aforementioned Charlie Brewer, Managing Editor, The Hard Copy Supplies Journal, Andy Lippman, Industry Analyst and Program Manager for Ink Jet Supplies, Cortney Kasuba, Industry Analyst and Program Manager for Laser Consumables, and Jim Forrest, Senior Analyst, and they each had their turn and also appeared jointly in a panel where they all contributed their thinking to the threats and opportunities facing the business. Despite the difficult competitive environment that includes massive technological and business challenges, the prize is huge. As the Lyra history/forecast chart above shows, the supplies portion is the biggest part of the worlds' printing and imaging pie.

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