Friday, August 10, 2007

Glimpse into Books-on-Demand and Self-publishing

Thanks to Read/Write Web for a post yesterday about Amazon launching a service dubbed CreateSpace that competes with Lulu and allows users to create their own "...print on demand books, DVDs, CDs, direct download video, audio books, and HD DVDs (Blu-ray coming soon)".

This space is adjacent to the print-your-own books endeavors of companies I've covered here such as SharedBook and Blurb, but I feel the self-publishing-for-commercial-sales market goes beyond the domain of this blog, which has been centered around home and office printing. But maybe I will need to re-think this definition?

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Anonymous said...

Any idea how successful those blog printing businesses are?
Self publishing is a boutique operation. Design, subbing, illustrations, etc are essential parts of the process. I wonder how they gonna deal with that.