Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More than almost famous? -- Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

I didn't plan on "live blogging" the webcast I'm tuning into this morning. Its subject is Web 2.0 in the Enterprise, is sponsored by WebEx, and is moderated by Dan Farber, VP of editorial at CNET Networks and Editor in Chief of ZDNet and with presentations by Oliver Young of Forrester Research and Dion Hinchcliffe, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Hinchcliffe & Company, and who, like Dan, is a ZDNet blogger. (They can be found at Between the Lines and Enterprise Web 2.0 respectively.)

Again, I'm sitting through the Webcast more in the interest of general education and keeping current for my consulting practice, and not expecting ANYTHING directly related to printing to come up. But, BINGO, less than 10 minutes in, among the first graphics presented by Forrester's Young, is a screen shot of Vince Ferraro's LaserJet Blog! It's being held up as an example as how corporations are using blogs as a key communications tool with their customers.

I must say it's nice to be associated with such a trend-setting blog, as I've been a guest blogger for Vince and have cross-linked numerous times, including Vince's Web Printing post from last week, Helping You Print from the Web. Interesting too that among HP's (NYSE HPQ) 30+ blogs, it was the LaserJet blog that caught Forrester's attention. Who says printers are boring?

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