Thursday, June 21, 2007

HP Product Announcements and Inkjet Blog

As marketing gets down to a finer and finer science at HP (NYSE HPQ), they're not only regularly hitting seasonal marketing "windows" (not the MS kind) but now seem to be down to exact dates, with a "summer fun" inkjet and photo-oriented press release timed for today, June 21st, the traditional first day of summer. I'll leave the products and their details to those interested in following the link, but will comment on an important (to me anyway) part of the release that caught my attention.

Near the end and following the product details of the press release, a sub-head reads "HP inkjet printing joins the 'blogosphere'" and goes on to identify the third HP Printing Blog with the catchy (and humble) name "HP Experts Talk about All Things Inkjet", joining my oft-referenced LaserJet blog and another on the Edgeline products. Despite many industry caveats about corporate blogs, my kudos go to the author of the first post, HP's Stacie Savage, for her tone and humor. There are some links to clean up, and I'll wait to see a few more good posts before bestowing them with the honor of inclusion in my blogroll, but so far so good!

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