Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Note to Michael Dell -- Please keep the battery-of-the-month club!

Peter Burrows of Business Week has put together an intriguing acquistion argument in a commentary entitled "Why Dell Needs Radio Shack". Larry Dignan on the SeekingAlpha blog responds and counters Burrows' points, but does gives credit where credit is due for "thinking outside the box" -- as in big box?. Both discussions are excellent and worthy of a read.

And Radio Shack (RSH) shareholders can be happy no matter what might result in the end -- the speculation in Business Week is asserted to be responsible for a $2 share price gain in the stock since Friday.


Anonymous said...

I am sad to report that I had asked about the battery of the month club recently to a RS clerk and he looked at me funny like I was asking to buy a Dell there or something.

Jim Lyons said...

Thanks for the comment!

Jim Lyons